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Montessori Philosophy

At Montessori Villa Antonio, we are close to our students and families, accompanying them in each of their stages of development. 

Our professionals work individually with each child, fostering their potentialities, stimulating the development of multiple intelligences, and respecting their sensitive periods.

Educational Project

The curriculum at Montessori Villa Antonio – Burguillos de Toledo adapts to international requirements for official centers. We want our students to become men and women of their time and space, valuing and supporting their eagerness to learn in all areas. 

The Role of the Adult

Our educational methodology grants the adult a fundamental role, as the figure that guides the child in their growth, favoring their autonomy and independence, and promoting the bond between them and their environment. 

At Montessori Villa Antonio – Burguillos de Toledo, two people share the environment with the children: the guide and the assistant. The guide presents the way of working with the materials, and the child is free to learn with each one when needed, respecting their freedom. 

We rely on freedom with limits, giving our students the possibility of assuming responsibility for their actions while working in freedom, without interrupting the work of others or collaborating on common projects according to the activity to be carried out.

Children in Montessori

At Montessori Villa Antonio, we stimulate and favor the self-construction of the child, who carries out this process while experiencing, touching, observing, making mistakes, and learning from their errors, working on order, concentration, accuracy ... with responsibility and self-discipline.

Parents in Montessori

Parental accompaniment is essential in Montessori education. For this reason, moms and dads are invited to participate in the workshops that our teaching team will impart throughout the course. By doing so, they will get to know our work methodology and will be able to continue our pedagogy in their homes.

The Montessori International Association

Maria Montessori created the Montessori International Association (AMI) in 1929 with the aim of providing centers that adopted her methodology with a tool that would allow maintaining the quality standards of this pedagogy.

At Montessori Villa Antonio – Burguillos de Toledo, we follow the principles of the AMI to maintain the levels of quality and the demands with which our method was created.

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