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Get to Know Montessori Villa Antonio School

Montessori Villa Antonio is in Burguillos de Toledo and is a school where boys and girls learn surrounded by a natural habitat that invites them to experiment, enhancing their capabilities and providing them with tools to be active members of current and future society. 

We have an outdoor space of more than 2000 square meters, where our vegetable garden, green areas, play area along with its swing, and plenty of fresh air to enjoy, explore and learn. 
We are an approved center by the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, and we intend to continue the service by soon offering Workshop I and II classrooms (Primary Education). 
At Montessori Villa Antonio, we are committed to protecting children and their education in a safe environment. Thus, in our center, we have policies aimed at reinforcing and continually improving safety in our educational community. 

These policies are:

  • Child Protection Policy

  • Self-protection Plan

  • Anti-bullying Policy

  • Complaint/Suggestion Policy

  • Handbook/Internal Regime Regulations

  • Special Education Needs Policies

  • Covid Policy

  • English Plan

Teaching staff

Finally, we want to highlight the work of our teaching team, who develop workshops for families so that our educational proposal has continuity at home, and students experience a coherent process in different contexts. These meetings have been and are currently a great opportunity to share experiences, solve pedagogical doubts, and create community. 

Come to visit us!

We invite you to get to know our school and discover our pedagogical approach.

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